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What is Polyester tape? Polyester tape, or PET tape, is designed for electronic and medical applications in which an optically clear, contaminant-free, and scratch-free release coating is required. Teknitape's polyester tapes have a high level of cross web and run-to-run consistency.

Polyester tape is also called PET tape, which is the abbreviation for polyethylene terephthalate.

What's the difference between polyester, PET, and Kapton tapes? The difference is the material they are made of. Kapton tape is made from polyimide film, whereas polyester tape/PET tape is made from polyester film.

While they are made of different materials, all of these tapes have similar purposes and applications, which is providing protection.

Polyester PET tape is an alternative to Kapton or blue painter's tape. Similar to Kapton tape, Polyester adhesive tapes (PET tape) has a smooth surface, which is great for creating clean models and electronics applications. Especially when masking, jointing, and protection, where minimal thickness, high-tensile strength, and resistance to aging and temperature are required. Like when used on 3D printing beds.

Our high temperature polyester tapes are available with silicone adhesive or acrylic adhesive. They come in different mil thicknesses, sizes, and shapes, including rolls, dots, squares, and sheets. We also offer single sided and double sided tapes.

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Polyester Tape