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What is Kapton tape? Kapton tape is a type of polyimide film with an adhesive backing. It has a wide variety of functions and applications. Polyimide tape is known for its extremely strong adhesion and golden amber color. You will also find Kapton tape or related masking discs / tape dots in green, red, yellow, white and other colors. It is an important tool in the toolbox of any electrician, engineer, construction worker, spacecraft manufacturer, 3D printer operator, airplane engineer or manufacturer, or worker in a similar industry.

Kapton polyimide tape provides electrical insulation that protects electronics and printed circuit boards during high temperature fabrication and 3D printing. In addition, it has many other heat-masking applications for engineers, researchers, and hobbyists within a wide temperature range. It can withstand a wide range of extreme temperatures both high and low.

Our high temperature Kapton tapes are available with silicone adhesive or acrylic adhesive. They come in different mil thicknesses, sizes, and shapes, including rolls, dots, squares, and sheets. We also offer single sided and double sided tapes.

Teknitape can also create custom Kapton tape shapes and sizes.  Contact us for more information.

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Kapton Tape